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Compassionate Care Home Helpers, Inc. is a fully insured and bonded company offering the following quality services:

Direct Care Workers

DCW’s Are Our Quality Caregivers. Our DCW’s are interviewed by the administration. All candidates for employment must complete a TB test, criminal background check and drug test. All employees of CCHHI are trained, insured and bonded. All employees are welcomed as family. Our DCW’s are briefed in their client’s medical history and needs prior to arriving to their client. Once personally introduced to a family, the DCW becomes the primary caregiver assigned to the home.

Compassionate Care’s goal is to establish their DCW’s as welcomed guests in their clients’ homes.
Most DCW’s go far beyond the call of duty – checking in via telephone when not on duty, bringing flowers, taking treats, remembering special occasions – anything to bring about a sense of familiarity to our clients.

Our carefully chosen DCW’s act as an extension of family, providing care, companionship and taking on difficult tasks that affect the client and family. Our goal is for the DCW’s to give assistance to the client and family.

Personal Care

Compassionate Care Home Helpers DCW’s are to assist the client to maintain independence as much as possible when it come to “personal care.”


Compassionate Care Home Helpers DCW’s have the ability to assist the client on a weekly or daily basis, depending on the needs of the client and or family. The DCW checks on the basic health and well being of each client. The DCW will do whatever the client and or family request, such as sit down and talk, go for a walk or watch TV. Compassionate Care Home Helpers will do everything that we can to meet any request the family has every day or at any time.

Respite Care

Having a family member with a long-term illness (at home or in the hospital) can be as stressful to the caregiver as it is to the affected person. Call Compassionate Care Home Helpers to sit with your loved one while you go shopping, run errands, visit a friend or just enjoy a well-deserved break. DCW’s will also be happy to make regular visits to loved ones in nursing homes or hospitals.

Grocery Shopping & Errands

Compassionate Care Home Helpers will pick up your list, clip coupons, shop for your groceries and even put them away. DCW are happy to perform light housekeeping tasks, take out your trash or help care for plants and pets.

Meal Preparation

Compassionate Care Home Helpers can make mealtime enjoyable again. DCW will come to your home to prepare meals, using your ingredients. They also prepare meals to freeze for future use; and they always do the clean-up!


Whether it’s a ride to your doctor’s office, the bank, church or even a trip to bingo, Compassionate Care’s responsible licensed drivers can take you there; and they don’t mind staying to keep you company. For example, they will pick up your prescriptions and drop off your dry cleaning; help you mail (and even write) a letter; take you shopping; or just drive
while you enjoy the scenery.

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